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Event Planning – Specializing in action sports oriented events, The Sideways Group event staff has been providing services to event planners, corporations, and other clients since 1999. We plan and execute events of all sizes from small community skateboard competitions to large scale nationally televised events.

Portable skateboard ramp rental – whether you want a mini-ramp for a backyard party or a massive street course for a National tour, The Sideways Group can deliver.

Skatepark and backyard ramp plans – for 7 years our design service has been delivering plans for large and small projects around the World. We have plans for do it yourself projects, plus complete design and planning for your new community skateboard parks.

Ramp Surfacing sales – we work with a preferred authorized dealer to offer our clients the best ramp surfaces available at the best possible prices.

Media Planning – The Sideways Media team has been offering creative directors vision from an inside point of view for 7 years. Additionally our team has designed print ad campaigns, direct-mail campaigns, web sites, logos, and consulted to media planners.

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Proudly serving North America, New Zealand and Australia

  • Portable halfpipe rentals
  • Skateboard Ramp sales
  • Skate park refurbishing
  • Complete skatepark planning and design
  • Skatepark ramp surfacing
  • Grand opening, competitive and other special events
  • Professional rider demonstrations
  • Instructional Clinics / Summer Camps
  • Instructor training for on going day camps in your community
  • Pre-planning: Population Surveys
  • Media campaign consultants
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