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The Sideways Group rents skateboard ramps and bike ramps for events, demos or production/ filming functions. With over 14 years designing and building skate ramps, we are confident when we say that we provide the most suitable quality skateboard ramp rental available.
Our company has rented our skateboard ramps, vert ramps, and built custom concrete courses for companies such as Ram Trucks, ESPN, Zumiez, Red Bull, Budweiser, Sony, Music Video Producers and many more. You can rent skate ramps from us for the afternoon, weekend or as long as you ‘d like.
Prices on each ramp item vary. Our skateboard ramp rentals are offered around the Globe. Delivery and pick-up by our staff is available at additional costs. With the Rent-A-Ramp program, skateboard ramps can be rented for school events, church events, birthday parties, demos, skateboard contests, etc. The ramps we typically have available for rent for local events such our mini half pipes, quarter pipes, skate rails, grind rails and launch ramps. Custom ramps can be designed and built for rent at an additional fee. And, we also have a full catalog of larger ramps for stadium events, brand activations, and other larger events. Be sure to fill in details of your event in the rental request form on this page.
Let us know if you need any professional skaters for your event and we’ll quote you based on their availability. The Sideways Group in alliance with All-Star Action Sports Events rents skateboard ramps and BMX ramps for events, demos or production & filming purposes.

Our event team are the hands and providers behind all of the skateboard and BMX ramps and courses you see in ESPN’s X-Games, the Dew Tour, and other major events. And you too can have our professional services for your event.

Looking for Half Pipes? – Passaic, NJ

As defined by Wikipedia, a half-pipe is a structure used in gravity extreme sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, freestyle BMX, skating and scooter riding.

Half pipes are built with the best materials on the market and are perfect for any age and any level skater. From a young beginner to pro skater, skateboarders can enjoy learning new tricks, grinding, and busting air on their very own skateboard half pipe ramp.

Half-pipes in snow were originally done in large part by hand or with heavy machinery. Pipes were cut into snow using an apparatus similar to a grain elevator. The inventor was Colorado farmer Doug Waugh who created the Pipe Dragon used in both the 1998 and 2002 Winter Olympics. The current method of half-pipe cutting is by use of a Zaugg Pipe Monster. Zaugg is based in Eggiwil, Switzerland. Zaugg Pipe Monsters have been used to build the Winter Olympic half-pipes, Winter X-Games, US Open Snowboarding Championship, the World Cup, and many, many more events around the world. [8] The Pipe Monster uses five cutting edges called haspels to cut the snow, rather than a chain. Zaugg pipe groomers create an elliptical shape that is safer and allows the rider to gain more speed. Zaugg has created a 6.7-metre (22 ft) Pipe Monster that for some years made the world’s largest elliptical half-pipe. In winter sports, a 6.7 m (22 ft) halfpipe is called a superpipe.

There are two major companies training snowcat operators and building half-pipes for events such as the X Games. Planet Snow Design and Snow Park Technologies were founded on this growing snowboard market.

The current world record for highest jump in a half-pipe is held by freestyle skier, Peter Olenick. At Winter X Games XIV in Aspen, Colorado, Olenick achieved a height of 7.59 m (24 ft 11 in).

These ramps can be used for skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, or any other extreme sport enthusiast. Halfpipes are the preferred choice of ramps to most. Halfpipes can also be both vert mini and ramps ramps.

Got talent?

Do you need some skateboarding, BMX, or motocross talent for your production? We have a pool of professional athletes that have their SAG card or are SAG eligible. Let us know if you need some professional action sports athlete talent for your event and we’ll provide you with a quote and schedule of availability. These riders are the pros competing and winning contests in events such as the X-Games, Street League, Dew Tour, etc.

In a blog written by Jason Horton, he mentioned some of the Halfpipe Tricks that were used and who used them at the U.S. Open, they are as follows:

  • Taylor Gold – Method Air
  • Queralt Castellet – Backside 540 Mute
  • Chloe Kim – Cab 720 Stalefish
  • Taku Hiraoka – Frontside Double Cork Lien 1080

Do You Need a Skateboard Ramp Rental?

We offer a variety of skateboard and other action sports ramp rentals for events, demos, contests, church events, production/ filming purposes, music videos, birthday parties, parade floats, and more. As with the ramps we sell, all of our rentals are built and designed by skateboarders so we can assure you they’re the safest, most durable, and fine tuned specifications available. Whether you just need a small kicker ramp for a casting call or you need us to build a full blown contest course. We have the expertise, equipment, and crew to exceed your ramp rental needs and expectations.

If you are looking to rent a vert ramp or a skateboard ramp, please fill out the contact information to the left and we’ll provide you a quote right away. If you are a production company looking for a skateboard ramp rental in exchange for sponsorship, please include any information about your event and email

Action Sports Event Services

Event Coordination

Our company is responsible for creating the concepts and formats for some of the biggest events in the industry. We can do anything from help you conceptualize an event that will best fit your marketing needs to formatting your event to maximize entertainment value.


We work with some of the biggest sponsors in the action sports industry. We will work with you to make sure your event has the proper partners and is properly funded.


We have the ability to staff and manage your entire event workforce including medical, event professionals, registration, hospitality, sponsorship activation, operations, Pro Judges, live announcers, DJS and branding. We even work with sport organizers from all action sports disciplines to ensure all athletes from all disciplines are comfortable and perform to their best ability.


Our Company has extensive contacts throughout the industry insuring your event will always have the best talent possible. We will handle all athlete invites, travel arrangements, autograph sessions, press meetings, and event scheduling.


Our Team has the ability to not only run your event, but produce a full recap or a day to day experience to share to your audience. We work with some of the best photographers, filmers, editors and designers in the business.


Our ramp builds division Ramp Works is the leader in premiere action sports event builds. They also specialize in sales, rentals, logistics, staging, set production, management, and home ramp kits. Using state of the art 3D design modeling and our world class fabrication shop and design studio to produce some of the world’s most prestigious events, including: The X-Games, Dew Tour, the MegaRamp, Red Bull Hartlines, Budweiser’s Made In America Festival and more. 

If you are looking to rent a vert ramp, mega ramp, triple jump, mini ramp, street course or any other skateboard ramp, please fill out the contact information to the left and we’ll provide you with a quote within 3-5 business days.

Email us: sidewaysgroup39@gmail.com or call (909) 536-2758


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