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Exclusive Backyard Pools and Private Skateparks

 [Confidential] Film Locations: La La Land, NYC, across the Nation and around the Globe

Los Angeles is known throughout the world as a huge film production hub. Spectacular locations throughout the City of Angels serve as the backdrop to iconic scenes in movies, TV shows, music videos and more. Because LA is home to a wide assortment of varied locations– from scenic hill-top hiking trails to long stretches of white-sand beach– filming opportunities here abound.

We’ve seen a big surge in request for our location services in Los Angeles.  Film Production Companies shooting commercials, magazine spreads and movies have recently rented out our exclusive private skatepark locations.  With skateboarding surging in popularity, brands and producers are using skateboarding in their shoots more and more often.

We’ve added to the mix unique and exclusive locations for those of you looking for a private skatepark, backyard pool, or other exclusive location for your next shoot with skateboarding or BMX stars in the mix.

Whether you want a multi-purpose swim and skate backyard pool, custom flow bowl, or a custom backyard street plaza, complete with landscaping, we have the locations to suit your needs!  Plus, we have the athlete performers to make your production sparkle.  Your clients will be impressed beyond words.

If you want something really next level we can build you a temporary custom concrete skatepark wherever you want!  Just picture a custom pool or skateboard park in the middle of the desert.

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Got talent?

Do you need some skateboarding, BMX, or motocross talent for your production? We have a pool of professional athletes that have their SAG card or are SAG eligible. Let us know if you need some professional action sports athlete talent for your event and we’ll provide you with a quote and schedule of availability. These riders are the pros competing and winning contests in events such as the X-Games, Street League, Dew Tour, etc.
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