We’re coming to your area this Summer with our portable Skateboard Halfpipe! Let us entertain your Visitors and Locals with one of our many programs.


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    The Sideways Group in alliance with All-Star Action Sports Events rents skateboard ramps and BMX ramps for events, demos or production & filming purposes. With over 25 years designing and building skate ramps, you can be confident you are booking with the best skateboard ramp rental service available. Our event team are the hands and providers behind all of the skateboard and BMX ramps and courses you see in ESPN’s X-Games, the Dew Tour, and other major events.  And you too can have our professional services for your event.

    Got talent?

    Do you need some skateboarding, BMX, or motocross talent for your production? We have a pool of professional athletes that have their SAG card or are SAG eligible. Let us know if you need some professional action sports athlete talent for your event and we’ll provide you with a quote and schedule of availability. These riders are the pros competing and winning contests in events such as the X-Games, Street League, Dew Tour, etc.

    Do You Need a Skateboard Ramp Rental?

    If you are looking to rent a vert ramp, mega ramp, triple jump, mini ramp, street course or any other skateboard ramp, please fill out the contact information to the left and we’ll provide you with a quote within 3-5 business days. Email us: sidewaysgroup39@gmail.com or call 855-575-7267


    Turn birthday celebrations and special occasions into memories of a lifetime via private periods/training on one of our small portable ramp alternatives. Our “micro mini” can be set up in nearly every individual or household setting up.


    Our Event activations develop an welcoming and infectious energy will generate multimedia perception, interpersonal thoughts, and website visitors to ideal levels for the manufacturer. No matter whether you are looking for special headlining fun or wish to charm customers in a very selected location to harmonize with other celebration routines, that help and support your marketing and advertising goals and objectives, our creation staff has you covered.


    Provide any field tradeshow or expo to the climax with skilled presentations for the Instaramp. With mobile and unique, and reasonably priced ramp options; our fleet provides inspiring and fascinating leisure that could attract your objective buyers letting your enterprise to convert and reach prospects.


    What greater solution to carry your exec staff with each other than throughout the workforce determination and building that skateboarding involves in the most interesting of settings. Our specialist company and group trips inspire and teach the values of your respective manufacturer, strengthening critical features along with your staff members.


    We love to present straight back to our group and what more effective way than uplifting our younger years using our abilities dependent clinics. Our children skateboard centers assist teach basic principles of skateboarding, while marketing a good and effective life style. We have faith in the life lessons that skateboarding encourages, including setting goals, self, creativity, persistence and determination-self-confidence.


    Trying to Ramp your company recognition in the shortest period of time all when maximizing your brand’s meaning having a captivated viewers that covers a full location? One of our branded tours or event series could be just the fit for your company if so. We specialize in hosting and producing a selection of skate centered trips in each individual area of the country. From collegiate skate travels, activity sports activities event selection, music festivity trips, store shop problem organized tours and everything in amongst; we have you included in relation to generating a big effect from area to metropolis.


    The collegiate experience is just about the best and most remarkable occasions inside a person’s younger older daily life. Get your collegiate tailgate or team encounter to new levels with our specialist demos. Your group or fraternity will be noted for throwing on the very best amusement within the biggest of moments.


    Develop a new hype with engaging energy that has interest a number of group structured media routes. As non-profits continue to come up with inspiring and innovative ways to draw the media’s attention and inspire community action, our demonstrations can serve as the missing link to attract and reach a new generation of service-oriented millennial’s.