Elliot Sloan Rockstar Energy – Custom Wood Vert Ramp

Elliot Sloan (Rockstar Energy) Custom Vert Ramp

Ramp Designer & Builder: CA RampWorks
Scope of Project: Design & Build
Project Type: Corporate/Private
Location: San Diego

Elliot Sloan’s Vert ramp, aka “The Rockstar Ramp”, was built in his backyard. This ramp spans over 100′ long and has over 6000 nails and screws holding it together. The Ramp contains (2) 45′ flat walls, (2) bowled extended vert walls, and 20′ tall roll in. Elliot’s Ramp is built of exterior high grade lumber and Skatelite, making it a great addition to the vert ramp circuit in North County, San Diego.

And, you too could have a ramp or even a custom skatepark in your backyard built by the very same team that built ramps and skateparks for events like X-Games, Dew Tour, Maloof Money Cup, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory and Street League!

Call or email us today for more information on getting a custom skatepark for your home, or shop now in our Build at Home Skate Ramps store.

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