We Rent Skateboard And BMX Ramps Around The Globe

The Sideways Group in alliance with All-Star Action Sports Events rents skateboard ramps and BMX ramps for events, demos or production & filming purposes. With over 25 years designing and building skate ramps, you can be confident you are booking with the best skateboard ramp rental service available.

Our event team are the hands and providers behind all of the skateboard and BMX ramps and courses you see in ESPN’s X-Games, the Dew Tour, and other major events.  And you too can have our professional services for your event.

Got Talent?

Do you need some skateboarding, BMX, or motocross talent for your production? We have a pool of professional athletes that have their SAG card or are SAG eligible. Let us know if you need some professional action sports athlete talent for your event and we’ll provide you with a quote and schedule of availability. These riders are the pros competing and winning contests in events such as the X-Games, Street League, Dew Tour, etc.

Do You Need a Skateboard Ramp Rental?

If you are looking to rent a vert ramp, mega ramp, triple jump, mini ramp, street course or any other skateboard ramp, please fill out the contact information to the below and we’ll provide you with a quote within 3-5 business days.

Email us: sidewaysgroup39@gmail.com or call 855-575-7267



All­Star works

All­Star works with the best talent in the world and can bring you the same level of professionalism seen at the world’s biggest action sports events. We can handle anything from hiring a DJ for a local event to negotiations with the top TV personalities for your event. All­Star has the ability to staff and manage your entire event workforce including medical, event professionals, registration, hospitality, sponsorship activation, operations, and branding.

We even work with sport organizers from all action sports disciplines to ensure all athletes from all disciplines are comfortable and perform to their best ability.Bottom line we’ve got you covered at every turn.



Wanting to Ramp up your Brand Recognition within the quickest time frame all although maximizing your brand’s content having a captivated viewers that spans a full region? One of our branded tours or event series could be just the fit for your company. We specialize in hosting and producing a selection of skate (and other action sports) based tours across the country and around the Globe.

From Collegiate Skate Tours, Action-Sports Event Series, Music Festivals, Retail Shop Challenge Tours and everything in-between; we have you covered in regards when it comes to MAKING A HUGE IMPRESSION from City to City.


Event Logistics

All­Star has been providing clients with their logistics service needs for over a decade. Using this experience, we have built long­standing relationships with top industry shipping companies, specifically designed to specialize in the understanding of the creative demands of live entertainment. Whether it is domestic or international, we understand the sensitivity of the gear and the importance timing plays in live entertainment.

All­Star has a specialty for loading and packaging cargo and freight. Our Logistics Team has procedures in place to make a seamless coordination. Whether it’s an LTL Load or chartering a 747, we have you covered.



The collegiate EXPERIENCE is one of the biggest and most memorable moments inside a person’s young adult life.
Take your collegiate tailgate or club experience to new levels with our specialized demos. Your group or fraternity will likely be recognized for throwing down the greatest entertainment in the biggest of life’s moments.



Transform birthday parties and special events into experiences of your life by means of non-public sessions/training on one of our scaled-down mobile ramp choices.

Our Mini Ramp can be set up in almost any Private or Residential setting and is always the highlight of the gathering.



Our Festival activations grow an appealing and contagious energy that will drive Media Impressions, Social Media impressions, and visitors to optimum levels for your Brand and Event.
No matter whether you are interested in exceptional headlining entertainment or wish to entertain consumers inside a specified area to compliment other event things to do, that assistance your promotion goals, our production crew has you taken care of.



Bring any business tradeshow or expo to a climax with pro-demonstrations on one of our halfpipes or other courses. With unique and mobile, and inexpensive ramp alternatives; our fleet brings electrifying and fascinating fun which will attract your target customers making it possible for your company to reach and convert potential clients.



What better way to bring your management workforce together than through the staff determination and building that skateboarding requires in the most engaging of environments. Our skilled commercial and crew outings teach and inspire the values of your own manufacturer, reinforcing critical features with the employees.

Additionally, we have Tough Mudder and other custom obstacle courses we can build for your next Team Building event!



We like to offer back in our community and what far better way than inspiring our youth with our skills clinics. Our youngsters skateboard clinics teach basic principles of skateboarding, whilst promoting a wholesome and active way of life.

We also believe in the life lessons that skateboarding promotes, such as setting goals, persistence, determination, self and creativity-self-confidence.



Develop a new excitement with captivating energy that has appeal to many different local community based media channels. As non-profits continue to come up with innovative and inspiring ways to draw the media’s attention and inspire community action, our demonstrations can serve as the missing link to attract and reach a new generation of service-oriented millennial’s.