B.A.R.S. | Skate Rails


We build the street courses for Dew Tour and X-Games, and we’re building stuff for you to skate at home like this B.A.R. skate rails system!

The Build A Rail System (BARS) is:

  • a unique rail system allowing you to arrange and rearrange to make multiple skating rails to keep you grinding all day long.

The foundation to the BAR system is the 8 foot long Flat B.A.R.  

It’s the perfect skate companion for any skill level.   From your very first boardslide to preparing for a back noseblunt down a handrail, this thing will help you get there.

  • It’s adjustable from 10” up to 15”, is really sturdy, and even splits in half with a normal skate tool to fit in your trunk or under your bed.  
  • Feeling adventurous? Put it down some stairs and watch the swivel feet adjust to keep it planted while you enjoy your own private handrail!  
  • If all this weren’t enough, check out all of the B.A.R.S. options and Build A Rail to your liking.
  • Once you have your Flat BAR set up, it’s time to Build A Rail!